Blue Portal brings together the best in strategic Telecoms and IT hardware sales for your business. In today’s complex market where Mobiles, Telecoms & IT are becoming increasingly intermeshed, customers are looking for a more simplified offering and therefore it makes sense to look for a provider that can offer a fully integrated solution.

We needed to combine all their expertise into one easy to navigate place where businesses can be provided with a one-stop-shop for all their communication needs. Whether that’s broadband, business mobiles or a range of laptops and PCs Blue Portal can offer an array of services for any sized business.

Getting this new website live has been a fantastic journey of discovery on both sides as this new company structure hasn’t been easy to implement but moving forward it will be a lot easier and clearer for potential clients to understand what Blue Portal offers and the marketing strategy will be much easier to get right & we are very confident the company will go from strength to strength with our support.

Take a look at their new website here: