Like many companies out there ECA Group have reached a point where they have some great tactical tools and a desire to grow but they lack marketing expertise, after all they are experts at energy supply that’s what they excel at.

While we were working with Eca on the re-brand it became clear that the company was keen to up weight their profile presence through marketing but don’t have the skills or resources in house to deliver a comprehensive campaign of this nature.

Recognising the difficulties of building a marketing team internally from scratch and the costs and risk attached to this Eca began a dialogue with us because they were aware that we offer an out-sourced marketing service.

In negotiations it became apparent that our TM Absolute branding process was exactly what they were looking for. The process keeps your brand on track and is easy for non- marketers to understand

“Since we have appointed Allen Design Team to handle our marketing the benefits have been clear to see, like many companies in our position we realized that we needed marketing but honestly didn’t know where to begin!

We knew that our brand image was tired and no longer relevant so our starting point was to look for a company to update the logo and re design our website. We were very close to making an appointment when Anthony made contact, what he had to say struck a chord and so we allowed him to present to us. To be honest we were blown away by what he had to say it was also very refreshing to have our thinking tested and challenged in a totally positive way, that was what made Allen Design Team stand out we really liked their approach, it was clear that their experience in all aspects of running a business has welded together and they totally get it!

Allen Design Team have completely changed our approach to marketing, structured marketing meetings have become an integral part of our business process, we now have a comprehensive program of sending regular targeted communications that are aligned to our business objectives and are just starting to grapple with social media.

It’s early days but already we have seen positive effects in the form of lead generation which is after all what we were really looking for.”