With so many people posting on social platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter,
Facebook, Instagram, how do you stand out from the crowd and increase your followers, how do you grab peoples attention and engage with your customers?

The answer is Social Media Animation.

Animation educates the audience through entertainment and creates another level of engagement. Internet users have a short attention span and will spend minimal time on a video or article before they quickly move on to the next one. Animation evokes emotion with the viewers, sparks conversation and makes your audience want to follow the story. 

Our Head of Animation, Jake said “Our team love working on animations because we know they are seen by a lot of people on social media platforms and they really do work, It is proven that animations get more engagement than a static image or story, they catch the eye and engage”

Is this proven?

Twitter has said that tweets with an animation see 55% more engagement than those without. 

Facebook say, “users watch 110,000 hours of Facebook animation daily!

LinkedIn say, “Video and animation posts are 5X more likely to get comments.”

Our animation team at ADT are able to provide one off animations for use on your social media or website, multi series animations through to on-going monthly
unlimited support for all your social media activity.

Our digital strategy team work hand-in-hand with our animators to deliver your monthly and yearly digital marketing plan.

If you want your business to stand out from the crowd call 0114 251 8809 for a no
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